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Giclée prints are the fruit of an extraordinary technology that captures the color, depth, and texture of original artworks using high definition digital scanners, large scale inkjet printers, archival inks, and paper. 

Zen scans his watercolor works, personally masters the high-resolution digital files to match the vibrant original works, then prints the final giclées at his studio.

Because of their exceptional quality, many museums now exhibit giclées in place of the original artworks.  With proper care, these works can last from generations to generations.

For giclées on paper, the following guidelines apply:

* Do not wet the prints. 

Protect the prints inside a frame.  The prints should be matted to allow a space between the print and the glass/plexi-glass of the frame to avoid condensation of water on the glass.  

* Use acid-free mats. (All the mats that come with the prints from are acid-free.)

* Avoid direct sunlight, extreme heat, and high humidity.

For giclées on canvas, the following guidelines apply:

*  Use the correct profile for the stretcher bars. We suggest you check with your framer to make sure they are familiar with stretching canvas Giclees. This product should not be stretched to the same tension as a blank canvas to be painted on.

*  Do no spray the back of the canvas with a mist of water to encourage tension. Framed properly there should be no need for this.